Increase Your Google Reviews

Streamline the review process with our NFC Review Cards that leverage Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Simply tap your smartphone device and provide feedback and reviews quickly and hassle-free.

How it works
1. Tap Google Review Card on Customers Phone
2. Customer receives a notification
3. Your customer leaves a review

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Create your own custom engraved card with your name, logo or graphics of your choice



Facilitate customer connections, foster relationships, generate leads, increase your reviews.
Direct your prospects to connect directly to your social media, review platform, calendar booking page, landing page, and more. Simply tap your NFC card on a smartphone to share your contact information.


NFC products are ideal for personal applications, offering simplicity and convenience in various aspects of daily life. With NFC technology, you can effortlessly share contact information, social media platform, website and more by simply tapping your device to another. NFC products make your personal life more connected and efficient with a simple tap.

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Simplify your interactions with a single tap. NFC Cards eliminate the need for physical contact or complex procedures.

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Elevate your business by streamlining the way you collect reviews and how you share your information

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NFC products are designed to work harmoniously with your device, ensuring that NFC communication is smooth and uninterrupted.


Collect more reviews & improve your networking game. NFC technology revolutionises the way you interact & engage with your customers

How cardsync Works?

Easily share your information by simply tapping your NFC card onto your smartphone.

Direct prospects to your custom landing page, social media page, review platform, calendar, and more.

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1. Tap

Tap the card to your customers phone

2. Receive Notification

Your customers will then recieve a notfication

3. Interact

Connects directly with your review platform or digital profile

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our premium business cards and customise your own in our Engraved, NFC card range. Then, simply tap your NFC card to your smartphone to share your information.

What is a NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, a wireless communication technology that enables the exchange of data between devices over short distances. An NFC card, also known as a contactless smart card, is a small, portable device embedded with an NFC chip that allows it to interact with other NFC-enabled devices.

By simply tapping on your smartphone share your contact details or redirect visitors to your Landing Page, Social Media platforms, Review Platform and more.

How to use NFC cards?

Hold or tap the NFC card against the NFC-enabled device, making sure they are in close proximity.

How do Review Products work?

Simply tap your smartphone on our review card to access your review page instantly.

What phones are compatible?

Compatible with all smartphones, including those with ISO 12 or higher and Android OS5.0 or higher.

For all other phones, please have your client scan the QR code. This option is available in our QR card range only.

Can I update my information?

It is possible to update the information on your NFC card. The process is simple and convenient. If you need assistance, please contact us via email using our contact form.