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What is a NFC Tag?

For those new to NFC technology, an NFC tag is a small device that utilises Near Field Communication to facilitate communication between compatible devices. These tags can store and transfer data, making them invaluable for businesses seeking efficient data management solutions.

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Our NFC tags are built to last, ensuring reliable performance with every tap.

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Easy Integration

Incorporating our NFC tags into your systems is a breeze, thanks to their compatibility with a wide range of devices.

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NFC Tags Australia

Looking for top-notch NFC tags to enhance your business operations or personal use? Look no further! CardSync offers a wide range of NFC tags that cater to both businesses and customers across Australia. Our collection of NFC tags is designed to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and provide seamless interactions, all with a simple tap.

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is at the forefront of modern connectivity, enabling devices to communicate by simply tapping or bringing them close together. Our NFC tags are the perfect tools to bring this technology into your world. Whether you're a business looking to optimize your operations or an individual seeking to simplify daily tasks, our NFC tags offer the solution.

Unlock the Potential of NFC with cardsync

Whether you're a business aiming to enhance efficiency or a customer intrigued by the possibilities of NFC, cardsync is your go-to destination for top-notch NFC tags Australia. Explore our collection today and embrace the power of seamless connectivity!

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Tap the NFC Tag to customer's phone, Customer receives a notification, Opens provided link

What Can I link my NFC Tag to?

Any URL link of your choice!


Tap function is compatible with NFC enabled Smartphones. iPhones made in 2018 and newer and most androids.


To update your link please contact our support team at

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Future of Networking

Our NFC tags allow for seamless sharing of your website, social media profiles, review platforms, booking platform, and more.


By incorporating NFC technology, these tags allow individuals to access and store your information directly on their smartphones.

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Our NFC Tap Tags bridge this gap by merging physical and digital interactions. With a simple tap, these tags enable businesses and customers to connect instantly.


With a simple tap, users can instantly access the specified link, saving time and effort.