Dice NFC Card

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Color: Black/Gold

Dice NFC Digital Card

An NFC card, a contactless smart card, has an embedded chip that interacts with other NFC-enabled devices. Tap your smartphone to effortlessly share your contact info or direct visitors to your Website Landing Page, Social Media, etc.

Dimensions: 91 x 55 mm
Material: Metal Hybrid


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Simplify your interactions with a single tap. NFC Cards eliminate the need for physical contact or complex procedures.

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Embrace a more environmentally conscious lifestyle with the use of NFC Cards as a substitute for traditional cards. This greener solution offers a sustainable way to expand your business.

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Enjoy the power of seamless integration across devices. NFC Cards effortlessly connect with compatible smartphones, tablets, and other NFC-enabled devices.

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Your Own Landing Page!

With every card purchase you will have the choice to have your own dedicated landing page or connect your clients via direct link. Connect within a few seconds all you need is a tap!

- Connect Directly to our landing page
- Connect Directly to your booking platform
- Connect Directly to your website or social media platforms!

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How NFC Cards Work

When an NFC-enabled device, like a smartphone, comes into close proximity to an NFC card, a connection is established. The card's chip generates a small electromagnetic field, which in turn induces a current in the antenna of the device. This current powers the NFC chip in the card, allowing it to exchange information with the device.

How NFC Cards Work